SL advertising through YT and social media


I noticed how some of my old oblivion friends like tpac who went on to SL’s competition have told me about how SQ is going to start to advertise and they say SL will die out I would like to know if anyone has a popular YouTube or social mixes page or something like that if not I can make like a YouTube seen as UNSC gets all the action and if I do it can be posted on SL website I think it in incredibly important that more people hear of the great game SL


They’re wrong. SQ is good at attracting many people at once then dying in a couple of weeks. The fact of the matter is, we don’t need more advertising. We might try to do more, but we don’t need it. Also UNSC doesn’t get all the action.


I still think that advertising for SL would be a good idea even if it wasn’t to beat out SQ it would make the server more exciting and lest of a ghost town


I like the idea of someone making YT videos for it.