Should settlement regions be released without advanced access control?


Settlement Regions are half done. You can make them, you can set their price, you can set their tax, you can delete them. You can use /s plot buy to buy them, you can use /s plot sell to put them up for sale so someone else can buy them.

Aside from a few more basic things that need to be added, the main thing missing is access control. Currently, only the plot owner can edit blocks in their region. But it’s usable. So, should I release it in a usable state or wait until it’s more fleshed out and you can add people to it? (If I released it in an experimental/usable state, it’d probably not be long before more was added, but it’d be nice to see it tested on the live server.)


Might as well test it.


If nobody else has an opinion, I’ll be releasing it tomorrow.


Is /plot working? What settings do you need to set so that members can only change blocks in their plot?


/szone and /splot are the commands