Shops in trade settlements


It seems that the only purpose that npc trade settlements serve is to act as ports for traders. It seems incredibly shallow. Features of a game are best when they are fleshed out in an interesting and logical way, so I propose an expansion to the idea of npc trading ports.
Npc trade ports are very frequently visited. Since they are so frequently visited they’d make great places for people to buy and sell items, which perfectly fits their theme. Perhaps players could purchase shop areas inside npc trading ports, sort of like they could in the old ecostation system. They are visited more frequently than any ecostation ever was, so having shops at npc trade ports is a more practical idea than it was in the ecostations.


thats going to be implemented in settlement cities. also call the NPC ones outposts to ease confusion, because they will be very different. theres a whole thread on this already, but to answer your suggestion, its planned to be included :+1:

EDIT sounds kinda snarky but thats not the intent


trade city/outpost = either one; settlement (trade) city = settlement; npc (trade) city/outpost = npc