Several mistakes a nation can make


The Qusmubian experiment ended a while back after about 1 year of its founding. The cause of its failures is mainly me being an utter idiot. The mark of its founding is, obviously, when the Syre base was created, and the mark of its end is my long-term inactivity. Over the past couple days, I’ve been trying to figure out where I went wrong. It wasn’t hard. May this dreadful experiment help future leaders prevent the death of their nations.

Qusmubian history has been separated into 4 epochs.

  1. The beginning, where our main base was on Syre and we were growing at moderate pace.
  2. The height, where most of our prominent people lived in space, and everyone else lived on CB. This was the time of the Alliance, the Arimfean invasion, and the origin of the joke about our ships being boxes. Tough times, but good times.
  3. The decline, where we didn’t just stagnate but we outright shriveled and declined. Everyone lived on Cerus Beta, mostly in Nethergrad which is the only developed city in the nation. This epoch ended when Nethergrad was sacked twice.
  4. The walking dead nation, which started with us being a loyal region Blacktopia before their leader went full Hitler mode, followed by us spending several months scrambling to put our nation back together until we finally gave up and just went about our lives.

Each epoch has its mistakes which lead to the failure of Qusmubia. The beginning epoch has the most subtle but most detrimental mistake. Our population growth was caused by the promise of a planet-wide city, a goal which created a vigorous community dedicated to the task. We then realized we simply didn’t have the industrial infrastructure to build it. Our population decline followed pretty quickly after we realized we weren’t prepared (that wasn’t the only factor in population decline, as we’ll see).

The height has the most obvious errors. First, our engineering was certified garbage. Our military was also certified garbage, not to mention that I was a coward. Victories were scarce and unimpressive, and defeat was too common. The nation’s inability to defend itself was a major factor in population decline, as well as its god-awful reputation with every person, block, and item in the entire universe. Our tech was crap, our navy was crap, and our coordination was crap. Later in this phase, the prominent members of society started fighting uncontrollably, as well as going inactive.

The decline saw the realization that Qusmubia was falling behind. Our tech, bases, and methods were stagnant, and everyone was inactive. I ended up purging so many people that only the most active members of society remained. This was the source of many gulag jokes in our discord. In this phase, we set out to build Nethergrad, and just ended up building a base the rest of the server thought was ugly, creating another permanent smear on our reputation. This phase and the next saw us desperately scrambling to revitalize the country, but it simply wasn’t possible. In the end, we didn’t have the capabilities to defend ourselves, so we just got sacked.

The walking dead nation epoch saw us realizing we couldn’t make it on our own. We merged with Blacktopia. Unfortunately, they were weak as well, and we couldn’t protect them no matter how many times we came to their aid. At one point, invasions just got so common on Arbusto that the leader of Blacktopia just snapped and went full Hitler. We rejected the new government and realized that we’d have to go it alone. New Qusmubia just stayed stagnant, no matter how much we tried to improve it, because it was impossible to produce and store enough power to create the basic raw resources we needed first. Also, probably the most important flaw we made in this stage was trying to go back to the “good old days”. A certain adult cartoon program called South Park warned us all. We had eaten the 'member berries and we couldn’t stop eating them.

The most important mistakes we’ve made would be a good list of things to not do. In order of irreversibility, here they are:

  1. Having toxic people and being toxic in general
  2. Swallowing more than you can chew
  3. Trying to go back to how things were
  4. Military failure
  5. Economic stagnancy
  6. Concentrating everything in only 1 or 2 settlements
  7. Getting a chronic habit of trying projects which require more than 100 units of electricity per second (spaceflight tech might be super advanced these days but power generation is even more barbaric than 20th century Earth)
  8. Technological stagnancy

Side note: Don’t fight Arimfea. Micle knows exactly what he’s doing, he knows why empires fall and how to ensure that an empire doesn’t fall. It’s pretty obvious that Micle has read the Foundation novels.


Nethergrad looks pretty good atm. I claimed it for Emeris.


I’m sure Emeris will take good care of it. I’ve known him for a while and I’m sure he’s trustworthy.