Settlement City Requirement Clarification & Expansion


Here’s what I’ve got, it’s a bit vague so it needs more clarification

Settlement City Requirements

  • Scenery
    Visually impressive and abundant background scenery. Must be man-made, such as buildings.
  • Landing pads
    Must be big enough to fit many small to medium ships.
  • Docking areas
    Must be able to fit at least a dozen or two large ships.
  • Trade Center
    Needs easy access to the landing/docking areas. Needs space for NPCs to export by offering shipping missions to players. Needs a place for importer NPCs to receive missions.


This is kinda what I had imagined the requirements would be, which is good means I think I’m on the right track.

I’m not sure what else could really be essential for the trade cities. Hostile mob free? Feel like a major trade hub wouldn’t have indigenous hostile creatures roaming the streets.

How many NPCs would be involved in a trade center? I imagine just 2 an importer and exporter so to speak. But want to make sure I’m picturing that right.


We could require that there is a reasonable mob defender layout, yeah.

The amount of NPCs depends on the layout of the city, they’d be in the most convenient places for importing and exporting.


From this post I’m under the impression all business is expected to be done in a fairly contained area. Hibernia has many buildings which could very realistically serve as locations for quest npcs, but they would be spread out. It does, however, have a road system which with signs directing to npcs would mitigate issues with getting lost. Would this be an issue?


Maybe you could have multiple spots but it would probably be best to have just one spot