Settlement City Applications Now Available


As you probably know, the big update was released a month or two ago. However, it was released in a rather incomplete state: You could only trade at NPC cities, not at settlement cities like planned. We’ve had these ready for a while, but saved it for winter break. Now that that’s here…

You can now apply to have your settlement become a settlement city! You can see the requirements by creating a new topic in the city apps category. While it is pretty costly to run a settlement city, players who are trading to level up will have to go to settlement cities to get their XP, and settlements will get some of the profit from it. Settlement members may also get some XP from people trading while they are online.

Current requirements:

# [Settlement Name] <!-- Put the name of your settlement there -->

## `/s Info` screenshot
<!-- Put a screenshot of the output of /s info here -->

# Requirements Met
<!-- Replace the space in between the brackets with an X if you have met the requirement -->
[ ] 5 active members <!-- Settlement cities require 5 active members to be registered. Additionally, if they go under 4 active members, they lose their protection temporarily. -->
[ ] C25,000 <!-- Settlement cities must pay 25k down payment, plus C125 hourly (3k a day, 21k a week, about a million credits a year) -->
[ ] Landing Area(s) <!-- Settlement cities must have ample space for smaller ships to land in an obvious location -->
[ ] Docking Area(s) <!-- Settlement cities must have good docking space for larger ships -->
[ ] Trade Center Building <!-- Settlement cities must have a trade center with easy access to the landing/docking areas with space for NPCs to be accessed and traded with -->
[ ] Sufficient cityscape <!-- Settlement cities need to be visibly a city, not a small base or even just a large military base  -->


Dang. Five active members. That kills my plan.