Settlement Books


I suggest creating settlement books for new players. Each settlement could create its own book, which would explain to players about their settlement, its location, and other important details about it. This could be received when a player joins a new settlement and could make it easier for settlement leaders to explain things like how to go to planets, and how to get to a settlement.
I personally believe this would be helpful for settlement leaders, as it would make it easier to show new players around their settlements.

Books could contain information such as:
-Location of the town
-Location of important landmarks in the town (such as plots, mines, storageā€¦)
-Locations of different town regions
-Describe each region, and each landmark, and its purpose and importance
-Describe the plot system of the settlement (if it uses one)
-Explains town ranking (town ranks such as builders, and the rewards for each rank)

These are only some examples of what a settlement book could contain, and i believe it would really help settlement leaders, when recruiting new players to their settlements.