Server-wide Senate?!?!?


We should have a server wide Senate! This is just a rough idea so far, but the idea would be that each nation gets 1 representative. Maybe larger nations(ie Arimfea, Ekatera, etc) get 2 representatives.
Then each system has a meeting. So if Bligityblarg for example lived in frigus, and I did as well, we would have a meeting to discuss system-wide problems.
Then 1 of us would bring it to the server wide senate meeting, which is comprised of 1 rep from each system, plus maybe a chancellor/president of some sort.
There they would talk about the problems, and how to remedy the them. I think the Senate building would probably go in centrum on Arbusto, seeing as Arbusto is best out of Titus, and Sakaro. Thoughts??


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Also if there was multiple reps per nation, they couldn’t all be in the same system, 1 nation rep per system.


What problems would they discuss exactly?


I’m not sure yet, but I was thinking along the lines of, “We are having some conflicts with such and such nation, who are attacking our ships going to the station.” Then the system council would work out a solution, and if the issue persists, it goes to the larger, galactic council. From there they create a more harsh compromise. Whether its something along the lines of harassing that nation’s ships, or attacking them until they stop.


So in other words, I think they would discuss nation conflicts, trades between nations. Land disputes, etc. Im sure there is other things they would talk about, I just can’t think of what.


Also, Galactic Council takes care of more server-wide disputes rather than smaller, planetary disputes. Such as larger nations warring each other and such.


While this senate may not help pirates as much, it could help with colonists who feel like they are getting harassed constantly by the same person!


I call rep for Cerus Beta!!!


Are you suggesting this on a server level or a player level? It sounds like something for players to do if they wish, not a server-level suggestion. But I suppose the Suggestions category does not only have to be for server-level features.


Um, @eandstarwars, can you compact all of your ideas into the main paragraphs?


We have had this work very well in the past, particularly in the ignum system. I was the representative of Terram, which led to me creating EKAS. This worked well between colonists who chose not to make their own settlements, or with people who owned settlements independent from other nations. Between nations we frequently have meetings for various reasons, although they dont always work out because some people simply refuse to cooperate whatsoever (and by cooperate i mean simply attending the meeting).


We already have nation and alliance discord’s channels for that, well at least I do


Forming this group among respectable privateer and colonist nations and forcing them to make agreements and such would be very cool, although the senate should enforce itself, not it being required to follow the senates rules. For example: every nation within the senate is not allowed to harm the other nations within the senate without probable cause, and having a senate court meeting to decide if the cause was indeed probable. If the players banded together in said senate, they may actually be strong enough that you have to listen to them or risk total bombardment.


Good idea…but implementing shall be hard.


I might do this unofficially. I love this idea.

 I think this would be awesome but it would defiantly require the players to all work together which would be..... Interesting. But love the idea.