Self Destruct Sequence Activated!


Why not throw a self destruct feature in. Make it so a person can activate a self destruct, sacrifice themselves and their ship, and take out blocks within a certain distance. The equation could be something like a 10 block spherical radius plus 1 extra radius block outward expansion for every 2 chetherite in the hyperdrive at activation. It could also take longer for the self destruct sequence to work if there is more chetherite, as well as restrictions on movement once activated. The pilot of the ship would be required to stay aboard to sacrifice themselves, but other players on board could be ejected to save themselves. I don’t know, would possibly create a new element to go into combat with.


Basically another way of strategic suicide


I mean I sorta like the idea but its a bit abusable


I Feel like with this a starfighter could go over to a DN with like as much cheth as it can hold and just skidaddle the DN into oblivion.


it could, but if a restriction were in place where once the destruct sequence started, the ship couldn’t move, then it would give the target ships a chance to get away


still kinda weird that a fighter can force a DN to run away


I mean ship size could also be factored into their destructive capabilities, making it that way fighters can damage but can’t incapacitate a DN


still, a fighter damaging a DN? breaking through its shields? rn thats really really hard unless ur a good poilet. with this all u need is a self destruct button.


more than just a button tho, the sequence itself would take time to execute, giving the DN the ability to get away or fire back to destroy the ship before it blows up. The DN would have every chance to be able to escape or disable the self destruct sequence, but there still is a chance that the fighter could do some damage


i feel like a fighting self destructing shouldent do much to a DNs shields. mabye a larger ship can do more damage, but then there is another issue. if you go over and literaly make a concrete brick with armour, thrusters, and a self destruct button, you could have a DN self destruct with a cheap ship which is kinda weird.


Ok then that’s something that can factor into how it works, the smaller the ship the less destructive it is


It should be a factor of size and cheth vs just cheth. Just like how the piller of autum self destructed on halo in halo 1 so the size could be the thing that detirmens ths size of the explosion


exactly what I was saying to epic


I LOVE THIS! Just make it so if the other guy lives, they get the head or something tho? just so it doesn’t break the stratiegic suicide rule