Salty lab ban appeal

Why were you banned?

Cause I told evra to fuck off (not meant to offend. It was in the sense of “go away”, in my mind at least) from my plot, which is full of arim tech.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

Cause amgar literally told me I could do whatever I wanted in /l and that it is not modded by him. So or the rules known and told by amgar are wrong (this is true and he has to update), or our rules are insufficient and Mods try to invent to fill them mixing up with the tradition/uses (spoiler: this is the true one), and amgar used it to his advantage (so he could speak badly in private chats; and then he literally told me in dm he said evra to ban me cause he wanted to check the DN I built without me online for some reason). Now he is saying for offences (it wasn’t meant to offend tho) you can’t use /l, while he actually never said that before.

Again sry evra, it wasn’t mean to be offensive. I just didn’t want you there.

I already got unbanned. I want to hear “lab, amgar was wrong and basically invented/misunderstood the /l rule”

I do dislike how they were spying, and that goes for any plot. also funny story, amgar once /warned me because i was stooping in someone else’s plot against their will. so gg on being a bit of a hypocrite amgar. i think that spying on plots in gmsp to bypass the deny feature is kinda annoying as it cant be stopped.

From what i heard, amgar tped evra to him

The prob isn’t he was spying. But I didnt want him there, and amgar misstold/missaplicated a rule for his own advantage

There a ways to deny access to plots, lab. If you didn’t want him to be there you could’ve made it so he can’t go on it.

  1. It is unrealistic i deny a whole nation (VEGA)
  2. Plot deny plug in doesn’t work if you are in spectator so its totally bypassable
  3. Again for anyone who didn’t clear his ears tomorrow morning: my problem here isnt with evra being there, but mainly with amgar changing rules on his will and advantage making me banned.

Ok fine, heres this then. Any non global chat is up to the discretion of any mods in the chat (if a mod says you can cuss in the chat, then you can cuss). It should be common sense not to cuss at someone (especially someone you arent friends with) as you did.

He didn’t bend the rules. He just decided to not be laid back about this case.

You have to take staff permission to break chat rules with caution. If you go too far and say something offensive (even if you don’t mean it to be offensive), they can change how they choose to deal with those chats without anyone in staff knowing & it’s fine (given it’s normal staff behavior). There is no rule saying anything about chats other than global, so as long as staff moderate in a way that is fair and within their power, there isn’t much you can do other than complain.