Resources needed for Dromund Kaas


Due to my recent and massive upgrades and expansions to Dromund Kaas I have begun to be strapped for some resources. I will list them below with prices and amounts I’m looking to buy.

All of these values are more than spawn rates and include them being shipped to DK.

2 Double chests of wood (don’t really care type)
24k per double chest.
1 Double chest of slime balls
1.5k for double chest
10 double chests of cobblestone
1k per double chest.

Willing to negotiate, why sell it to spawn when you can make more here? let me know what you have!

Attention farmers!

So just to clarify by wood do you mean logs or planks?


Wood logs of any variety would do.

Not really needing them for decor or construction so much as wanting a good ammount just for crafting purposes.

Thanks for the reply btw!


I’ve got loads of wood if you want, i can ship it over, send me mail via Azulmilk in game, just checking, where can i drop it off or deliver?


I would prefer delivery to my settlement, Dromund Kaas on Cerus Alpha in the ignum system.

We can either try to meet up in game or, if chest shops are still a thing, I could set one up and give you coords and then you could deliver and get paid at your discretion.

Will look into that, that’s sounds best if it’s possible.


ok cool, that sounds good


do u need any saplings too? i can sell loads for really cheap


Do you still need cobble?