Reporting Posts - A Tutorial


So you are browsing the forums and suddenly, a post that doesn’t fit in with Star Legacy rules or topics comes up! What do you do? You aren’t a moderator. The last thing you should do is respond to it. This promotes such activity even if you are disagreeing with the activity. So what is the answer? Well, here is where reporting comes in. To report a post, you click on the Triple Dot Icon at the bottom of the post to bring up multiple actions. The action you are looking for looks like a flag. Click on it. Here it will prompt you multiple options to notify staff with (it may also give you the option to personally talk to them, but I don’t know if that is a staff only thing). There are four options:

  • It’s Off-Topic - The post doesn’t stick with Star Legacy’s topic and ultimately talks about something completely irrelevant.
  • It’s Inappropriate - The post has content that goes over what staff would consider PG.
  • It’s Spam - The post is a copy-pasta, repeated words or letters, vandalism, or an advertisement.
  • Something Else - The post doesn’t fit in the other categories but you still feel as if it needs to be looked at.

You select the correct one and submit it to staff. After reporting, staff will receive the message and it will be taken care of, thus keeping our community better. Thank you for your time and be sure to report unwanted posts in the community!

Many thanks, Xarulok.



Staff Note: This got a test flag to make sure it worked. Just ignore it as it was a test.