Remote UpLink - Cloaking


The concept of a remote uplink is this: an item that, when linked to the jukebox of a ship, can remote control the ship to a degree when used. For instance, weapons systems, cloaks, locks, and even remote piloting could be accessed by the owner of the ship using this tool. If a player is inbound to a station being chased by another, they could use the remote to activate the station’s defense systems.

Another system that I would be interested to see would be a cloak. I know that it has been brought up multiple times in these forums, but I have a method that could make it work. If, instead of cloaking the blocks individually, a cloak bubble were to be made, the concept could work. Much like the current particle shields, a cloak generator would only make blocks within a certain radius disappear, so ships would have to fit within the generator’s radius, unless all the generators on a ship were given the same name, then they would work in tandem. Any player within the cloak bubble doesn’t appear on dynmap or to other players, however they can see everything that is within the cloak bubble with them, meaning that a player would be able to pilot their ship while cloaked because they could see their own ship. However, if another player gets inside the bubble’s radius or collides with the cloaked ship, then the cloak disengages. Also, using the cloak would cost a lot of chetherite, making it not practical to run indefinitely. The bigger the ship, the more it costs, and the less effective the cloak is, depending on the tier. I don’t know how the rest of the mechanics would work, but I wanted to propose this potential idea.

Let me know what you think.