Remote Nodes & Controls


So we have the starship controller, and we have all types of redstone machinery and factories and ships and stuff, but I think a new block and item should each be created. The block portion would be something that you either connect to a machine, or would function as a redstone energy source, called a “Remote Node”. If attached to a machine it will attach to the note block part. While the item will essentially be a remote that brings up a menu when right clicked in hand which allows you to turn on or off nodes that were installed by you and are within a certain range. This could be useful for turning on and off water or lava falls that are used to cover hangar entrances, as well as turn on and turn off shields as necessary.

With these, a new “hacking” game feature could be added, where enemy players have the ability to potentially hack your Remote Nodes and take control of them. The hacking feature would have to be designed by someone else, as I honestly have no idea how it could work, but it could be an interesting new form of warfare.


I like it and think this could be used for remote defense weapons too


Respect for continuing to take the time to make well thought out ideas like this even though it’s unlikely most of them will ever see the light of day, poe :vulcan_salute:


I think the power system is overdue for an expansion.

I’ve already made my own multiblock-fueled capacitors and transformers, should make a multi-block that acts like those things but without the obscene amount of wiring it takes.

Another thing that could be cool is a multi-block that acts like a control/monitor panel so you can see what you power system is doing.


It could use a big update/expansion, I haven’t really had time to think about it in depth though. If people developed a set of ideas which are very simple but powerful changes, it could conceivably get implemented.


Here’s my idea for the upgrade to the power system, it essentially simplifies what I already do with my jury rigged capacitors, capacitors would look similar to their real world counterparts and transformers would be like a box with expensive things inside like copper and tier blocks

Capacitors store 250k at their max and can take in 2k/s and output 2k/s into a line and upgrade the output of all machines within a 10,20,40 and 60 block radius to 2k/s

Transformers store 100, 200, 400 and 500k at their and can take in upto 2k/s when near a capacitor and output upto 8k/s and upgrades all the lines within a 20, 30, 40, and 50 blocks to output 8k/s

This I believe could also help a problem with power systems where if you try to build large and complicated systems IE: A centralised power grid for your city. You will run into a point where
you’re in render but now power is reaching your machinery due to distance and the t1/s of this system can be used as extenders and upgrades for your grid.


could you elaborate more on this?


Basically if you draw too much from a single line the power won’t disperse evenly and just cut off at a certain point, the higher capacity lines should alleviate this problem if it’s what I think it is.

If too many machines are connected to a single line, the line will run out of power to continue but if another output/input loop is jacked into the line IE: generator or periodic placement of power cells/energy banks you can stop this effect but it’s space, time and resource consuming to do so.