Rebuilding the Navy


Hey everyone, Red here. So CaptainFireBall and I have started a massive project, rebuilding a old ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer). I thought I would bring this up on the forums because I was curious if anyone in the community wanted to help reconstruct this behemoth. The purpose of building this ship (instead of having a awesome ship flying around) was something of a Community Flagship. I’m not completely sure how long this will take, but if you guys decide to help, it would be very appreciated. The ship isn’t in good condition atm however. It’s mostly constructed of stone slabs and Terracotta while hallow on the inside, we will need a crazy amount of concrete to make sure it works. Holes are riddled all over the ship, and the engines need to be repaired as well as the turrets. In other words it will take a lot of resources and time to reconstruct it. But having such a ship just existing if not flying would be awesome. So over all I just came here to see if any of the community members wanted to help rebuild this ISD (now that i’m looking at it more it looks like a super small Super Star Destroyer), if you guys don’t want to help that’s ok, but if you do, the best way to find it is by looking at the map around 34000 13000 in the sobrii system, and you should see it easily. Leave comments below to tell me if you want to help or suggestions of what it could be used for when finished. Thanks again for reading my post!


u do realise an isd is already a shopship…