Random Vehicle Ideas

So I’ve had several vehicle ideas in the past, and have had several different ideas come through my mind that I dont remember if I have previously written down so without further ado, Vehicles.

Remote and/or AI controlled Vehicles:
AI: I mentioned this before but there being pillagers with speeder (Sadly a vehicle gone before my time) things or other small vehicles (max of Corvette sized and with selective targeting of not noobs) would be interesting to see because then you could achieve happiness at last from shooting stupid AI in ships!
Drones: Ok so others, and I, have mentioned this before, basically things that put you in spectator mode with a combat NPC and you fly said drones around. Possibly used for a variety of things such as mining or combat.
Mines: Actually effective explosive devices to place around your base and either set to detonate when near something or detonate on command. Probably just a multiblock but it would mainly be effective against vehicles so I put it here.
Missiles: Basically a mine you can launch at things and explode. My idea would be you set target coordinates/player and then it flies there and potentially creates a (temporary) hole or semi-permanent wreck or body. You could possibly get on one of these and break it with a drill to stop it (if you break it wrong you still die but you stop the missile). (Additionally I will probably make a separate suggestion for this after I receive feedback).

Land (Probably not to be approved but worth a shot):
Walkers: I’ve suggested this before, however the leg mechanics would be tricky to do so I don’t really know how to put it besides that they have legs (that they need to be able to detect/move) and that they could go over varying amounts of height in blocks depending on size and leg size.
Wheeled vehicles: A vehicle with wheels, like the turbo tank. Not much to be said here except it can also go up varying levels of blocks depending on suspension probably.
Hover vehicles: These would hover above land, max height of probably 10 blocks up, and basically just move around in planet.
Speeders: A variant of hover vehicle. I’ve heard we used to have them and they sound cool. We should just add them back…

Space there’s nothing I know of to add to space that I haven’t heard Micle dislikes the idea of, seeing as all my ideas are different types of ships for different uses but here goes:

Mobile station: Vehicle that can only move through hyperspace. Can be of large size and doesn’t have limit of containers and limited shielding and defense power if one type, the other would have a very high power output and could be used like the Death Star to cause massive damage to an enemy ship however because the large size and resources needed both types would be expensive, and the combat one, due to its destructive capability shouldn’t be allowed to be in radius of a siege-able station (this doesn’t mean you cant sit outside and fire in the general direction though. Also neither would be able to enter a planet as they are meant for space.
Carrier: Suggested at least twice in the past (once by me), also able to be done with a intradictor, used to carry ships, and not really have many weapons, as the carried ships are the weapons. Somewhat low power output, mainly suggested for shielding.

That’s it… For now

Carriers can already be made, just not too well
Hover vehicles/speeders, pls yes, in addition have block requirement of 20 or something
walkers…oh boy not sure bout that one
missiles would be cool
mines, just use TNT and pressure plates
drones, sweet!