Ramming (a random I idea based off drills)


I suggest a multiblock which can ram. It’s effect would be like the drill, but for combat. I think it would probably have a high power requirement, and maybe a small amount of some item, just because its destructive potential. This should however damage the attacking ship in some way. It could give low-levels the ability to damage higher-level players ships.

(Additional idea that could in game cost several thousand credits below)

Also hyperspace ramming would be funny… ship turns around, and rams an enemy at hyperspeed… It would destroy attacking ship, and damage or destroy all ships within a certain radius. This would however probably be bad just because how much damage it would do, if it is anything like what happened in The Last Jedi, so yeah this part can be omitted if it would break server.


hyperspace is a dimension. Not a speed. Last Jedi ramming is non-cannon. Period.


This is just /kamikaze but with a multi block


I mean, if /kamikaze worked, sure.


Kamikaze is disabled you peanut
Edit: By this, I mean that a multiblock for ramming would have the same problems as kamikaze while just adding more code and lowering accessibility to players


Except it is Canon cuz Mass Shadows… nice try though!


No, it isn’t. Hyperspace ramming makes no sense in Star Wars, and even if it did, it still makes no sense in SL. It’s a dimension, not a speed.


its a dimension in which space is much denser, thus you move faster in relation to realspace, think of like the way you can nethertravel in vanilla minecraft, every 1 block in the nether is 8 blocks in the overworld. that being said I do think its stupid because if this has always been possible why dont they make missiles that do that or kamikaze droid ships, but in the end the movie as a whole is canon so everything in it is canon, even if the contents does bump heads with pre-existing lore.

in conclusion, yes it is canon


Actually apparently Hyperspace is a dimension in Star Wars. Still works for ramming big ships and causing tons of damage.