R00D boi Candurous


So there I was, flying a shuttle across the galaxy, when my meager cargo shuttle is shot down by Candurous in what looked to be a destroyer sized warship. I am a level 2. Candurous did not acknowledge he had shot down a level 2 until I raised the case to staff. He declared in local, his only reason for shooting me down was that I had “SS” in my name. My name is Samuel Sterling. SS are my initials. having anyone, especially a member of the staff team, shoot someone down because they think I disagree with their political opinions is already troubling, but Candurous did so illegally.


What does ss have to do with it


your namemc skin of adolf hitler and discord name of adolf confirms samuel sterling is a lie, and your SS is Schutzstaffel. futhermore, I did not kill you I shot your ship down which is not against the rules and let you live. Rule 1D ‘‘Be polite to new players, and don’t kill any under level 7 without good reason. They’re still figuring the basics out, it isn’t fair! This includes pirating and hunting for sport. Accepted reasons for killing players under level 12 include if they attack you, physically block you, or are intruding on your lands. Be aware that if a staff member tells you not to, that overrules these exceptions.’’ BEWARE IF YOUR CAUGHT WITH ANYTHING NAZI RELATED ON YOUR ACCOUNT YOU WILL BE BANNED