Proper Starship Names and /starships Tracker Tweak


I think starship computers should have a programmable name tag so using /starships to track your vessels would be a little more intuitive. Instead of saying

859 block Corvette in Syre at [x][y][z]
it’d be something like
859 block Corvette “Manta” at [x][y][z] in Syre

The name would show up in the /starship diagnostics list and maybe slightly modify how blueprints are saved, probably just with /blueprint save confirm. This isn’t really an issue for anybody, though, so… probably not worth the time.

This is a lot of work (I’m assuming so, I’m not a programmer) for more fine-tuning, but going after a ship in Andromeda to find it’s just a stock shuttle is a little bit of a letdown.
Alternatively, a failsafe command for a player to wipe all of their ship registrations to help clean things up could be added in, and 'said player could just take a second to register back into whatever ships they actually want.

Whatcha think?


the ability to name ships in some form is planned … sooner-ish :stuck_out_tongue: