Preliminary Ban appeal(JUGGALOSKUD)

Why were you banned?

Apparently Im not allowed to siege in server alone at 5am

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

Started a siege at 5am, only person on the server for several hours. Live map open, states 1/200 players. Tab Shows only myself. I was met with immediate threats from discord upon typing /siege from someone sporting level 64 to my 19. I was met with 2 people logging on and threatening loss of items and a ban upon completing said siege. Needless to say I expressed my concern with such toxicity and logged off the server. With my gaming rig awaiting a new cpu cooler i am forced to twitch only the short list games my laptop graphics chip will allow. Now I have to apologize to my viewers for cutting my stream short this morning. If I was banned it was a blatent misuse of authority. I have never been banned from a minecraft server period.

Alright. I believe there was a major misunderstanding on your part.
I’ve reviewed the survival messages at the time of your siege. Lucius did not threaten to ban you. He threatened to kill you due to your sieging his ally’s station. Which is fair to do, if you die, you lose your items, that’s why he threatened loss of items. It is not toxic to be competitive.
However, Amgar007 did say “siege station or ban” through discord. If you knew the staff of this server, you’d know that a staff member saying “siege station or ban” Is not a legitimate threat of punishment. Staff have a very different demeanor when legitimately warning someone against something. You were well within your rights to siege the station, and the players online were well within theirs to threaten you for doing so.
I’d recommend reading chat a bit more so mistakes like this aren’t made.
Also, if you see MiniModding - A player attempting to act as a mod without the role - Or abusive staff, please report them to a staff member instead of making a forums post about it. This is understandable though, wait to see if you are actually banned though instead of making the appeal before being banned.

Yeah, just to add on to Gen, the staff here are a tad bit lighthearted, but usually you can tell when they are being serious or just memeing.

That makes sense. Ill bring my chat lines up to 4 so I dont skip names by accident. I was under the impression I was being threatened by some mod who wasnt trying to play fair. A current mod list would help so people know when they are being teased or joked with. I appreciate the quick reply and the actions taken. Not only did you let me know what youve done to verify youve quoted as well. That tells me I can have a little faith for the staff here.