Player trade stations


I believe this has been talked about before. But I would really love to see it again, and I know others would like it too. But instead of it being normal stations like the executor station, it instead is player made. These stations ill not gain taxes or xp from people who trade to them. But also don’t give any invincibility while there. But, instead of trading crates they trade player heads for xp or money, and the same stuff the nps at the eco station trades, but the stuff is linked to what the planets in the system produce, i.e concrete from sak, uranium from titus, and seeds from arbusto. I think this would not only give more to player made stations, but add a new way to gain xp and money, while also improving the pvp side with the ability to trade heads for rewards like bounties. These stations can also add a new way to trading for people who dislike crate trading, but instead like resource trading. The stations can also have player shops at them where they can sell things. This is just an idea but I think it could work.