Player Ejection(/Eject)


Recently, I had to handle a case where one player seemingly abused the player teleportation of a ship to get inside another’s cockpit and kill them. To explain, they happened to be on top of the ship when it was piloted, causing them to board it. The pilot turned the ship and the system that ensures that players dont get left behind teleported the user outside to the inside of the cockpit, giving him an opportunity to kill the pilot.
As of now, there is no solid rule against this since it is a feature, but it clearly had been abused. I was not able to judge the attacker as guilty and therefore left the case as such.

My idea is that we implement an ejection command. What this will do is allow the pilot to eject one or all players from their ship with a command. It will act like a sudo’d /stopriding, releasing the boarded player(s) where they stand. For example, “/eject (playername)” will force the specified player off the ship, and “/eject all” will eject all boarders.
In addition to this, we could also implement a feature that tells the pilot in chat if there are boarders on the ship. If one were to pilot their ship and someone gets detected as boarder with them, it will display the message along the lines of “Other players have been detected on to your ship. Type “/eject (playername)” to remove one or “/eject all” to remove all boarders.”

I propose this idea for two reasons. One is to prevent attackers from abusing the ships player teleportation to get at the pilot. Two is to give the pilots an option to do this, thus removing the need for staff to intervene and go through the stress of determining who may be in the wrong.


I agree with this. Should be done in my opinion.


I like the ship bording concept but I guess it makes sence, I do think that this command could easily be abused. Just saying.


I see where you are coming from but I believe the benefits outweigh the negatives.


Ya I see that I don’t know why not just make it so teleporting through the ship is impossible. Just make it so the player has to blow a hole in it first to actually get in the ship.


Just a recomindation though because Micle is amazing and he probably has a ton on his plate.


Well with that it’d be hard. the teleportation thing is to prevent the pilot or a rider from getting left behind. Its was implimented in the case of server lag or if the player does not teleport with a ship during autopilot. A recovery system you coulds say. Its a good system, its just that some people abuse it and this is a work around it.


I like it. pls add /eject


Like that suggestion a lot


I think this is a good idea. Will probably do it soon


implemented, should be up next restart


How was it implemented as /eject or /eject playername