Particle Accelerators


I have been thinking, we need a new capital ship weapon that makes it require crew. We also need a weapon that can do different damage types. A Particle Accelerator fits both these categories perfectly.

My idea is for a multiblock that can be mounted in a ship or on a base that takes ammunition, sort of like old torpedoes. Redstone lamps would be HE (High Explosive) charges, that do big splash damage, but have very poor shield penetration. AP (Armour Penetrating) charges, would be glowstone blocks. They would deal very very high high damage to shields, but very little splash damage for actually destroying something.

The multiblock itself would have to be manually fired. I have a few pictures of a concept design to demonstrate this.

Firing would be simple, just clicking the sign. The gun would take 15 seconds to fire again.

Loading the Accelerator would consist of placing at least 9 of the designated charge type in the dropper.
One shot = 9 charges
Less than 9 charges lowers thee power of the shot by 1/9 per missing charge.

The projectile itself would be a block, like the old torpedoes, unless that would create too much lag.

It could only shoot straight, but has insane range. Actual interiors would start popping up with crew fired weaponry, and it would make having friends VERY useful. BROADSIDE AWAY LADS!

Here is my design (Give me feedback on this please) The rotation of the dropper and observer MATTER.

Here is a cutaway.

I hope you all like my idea!
Please consider this Micle.

(FYI, the block that is the charge type would automatically place when dropper is loaded.)


so good idea, i support the idea that we need a ship requires Crew.


Micle did you see this?