Panzerox Wants You!

Panzerox is a developing city on Harenum, in the nation Arknovus (formerly known as Quentiam) with a planned pyramid, some sandstone buildings, and a few construction by hand not printer projects. We have a slow rail system of which we will replace with a faster shuttle-ship that is used as a train to get from a part of town to another, we also plan to expand upon this rail system. We also have a assortment of trees and other plants, mostly located in this big hole that was initially planned for a base but is now a house of plants. We aren’t big yet, but have big dreams. If you want to join us and work for these dreams with us, just contact me in game or through discord, in which I go by the same name as I do here (discord number is #8705).

Note: If someone who would attack us for letting you in we may need to debate letting you in, depending on a variety of factors.