Panzerox Police

The Police of Panzerox police Panzerox and surrounding allied areas.
Laws we enforce if we feel like it (after all we are lazy police):
If caught shooting at or in these lands with ship weapons subject shall be apprehended, if subject does not comply, they shall be shot.
If caught attacking other players that are not hostile to us/subject with a ship or blaster subject shall be either apprehended or shot.
If shooting mobs, nothing will happen. After all we don’t like mobs either so go ahead and kill em unless they are the Squid.
Space Police have no power here. Do not try to claim you have power over us or else you shall be told to leave the area or be apprehended/shot.
Apprehended subjects have to pay a fine or convince officer they did nothing wrong.

Also we don’t enforce these rules if we don’t feel like it, as previously stated, because we have better things to do.

Also we outlaw all crops besides Cacti and Potatoes because uh why not. We totally aren’t gonna allow someone to smuggle other crops in… I mean what. Oh yeah also no Pyrite or Thermonuclear bombs allowed.