Oxeygen generators

Currently in SL when you make any enclosed area it automatically has oxygen in it,but that’s not how physics works.

When you make a station you should need an oxygen generator to be able to breathe without a spacesuit on.

Of course,we don’t want it to be super complicated,so the amount of power oxygen generators require will not depend on the number of people (or animals?) breathing the air.

10 per second
1 per every block
of air it effects.

Please no.
This would raise StarLegacy’s “starting curve” even higher. Noobs already have a terrible time with advancements and the like, and most of the habitable planets are claimed through and through. At a basic level, a nice aspect of StarLegacy is that you can live with only Vanilla aspects (eg farming life on Arbusto), adding this would disrupt that. It would be another advancement. It would make things harder for half the population just for a small lore issue. We can create lore explanations for this, maybe StarLegacy players aren’t human and don’t need oxygen, or maybe all players learned how to make discreet oxygen generators within base walls in space kindergarten. It’s an overcomplication, and could easily make a lot of people very mad.
Also, cryopod kill cycles. Dying and respawning in uninhabitable areas is already an issue (See: Titus), this would worsen that.
Sorry for being somewhat aggressive in this rebuttal.

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Ship computers would have built in life support.
And the basic generator would not need an advancement and also be super easy to biuld.
Alternatively u could just wear a spacesuit in your base.

This would be a hassle without actually enhancing the server experience





chance bb like :I