Other trade options


Hello, so today I was trading and I was looking at my Cetherite being used by my hyperdrive, so I was thinking, what if I run out of cetherite and cant find any?


We need trade options that dont require traveling betwen systems.
All trade cities and outposts should have cargo contracts that go to planet inside the same system.
I know we already have this, but 90% of the time theres only contracts to travel to other system, currently travekling betwen systems costs a crazy ammount of cetherite, Quod canis is the planet with abundant cetherite, space also has it but its very sparse, so for a newbie how does he trade? fly a full hour to another system? That will end up in boredom, This is why we need trade contracts that are worth it and are easy to find inside the same solar system.


Chetherite can be obtained by voting or mining asteroids, so you can always find more


It takes a minimum of 4 chetherite to go to another system… Also /bazaar browse