One hit lightsabers!

i feel like a lightsaber is the most underpowered thing you can take to a fight… its rly not useful unless you fight a sniper, so i propose that Lightsabers become ONE HIT kill weapons, for the balance they will be unable to block shots. every weapon helps you keep your distance with the enemy and with a lightsaber it takes up to 6-7 hits to actually kill you… a lightsaber should be a weapon used in tactical situations not a weapon to have in the shield slot, so you don’t get shot while you fly… as you see it sounds absurd to have a sword as a defensive weapon. every gun, the pistol, blaster rifle and even blaster cannon are useful for creating a distance with your enemy, the only one that would suffer from this is the sniper, but you can’t block its shots so its not that bad. if anyone has any concerns i would be happy to answer

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My lightsaber already kills in one hit (of course my dogs finish the combat)!

Oh yeah, a serious contribution. I agree, I think lightsabers should be buffed. Maybe not one hit, but certainly buffed. But don’t take away there ability to block, it is to classic, got to be able to block weapon fire with your lightsaber, super cool. Also, IMHO blocking with a lightsaber is not easy, it stops your forward movement, is difficult to time and jinxing right left might be a more effective way to charge into melee.

I totally agree, but think we need 1 edit. I think u should be able to block if it’s in your main hand, and that you should ave a cooldown of like half a second that activates once you put it in your main hand so that you don’t just switch hands rapidly and have the same problem. Also, for those that’re Wondering, I’m on vacation in la, not dead. :slight_smile:

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