On the topic of previously mentioned drones


Drones have been mentioned before,as sorts of starfighters. Having a Venator would be lame without the 406 fighters it’s massive half a kilometer carrier deck can carry. But, I was thinking
Apart from it being hard to program the AI, how would the drones themselves work? They could have a class 0.4 shield. I figured there could be some sort of machine that prints them for their actual value and launches them out a small glass window. So, I made some basic classes.

Arrow Drone
40 Speed, 2.5 Max accel. Only had a single Pulse Canon onboard, however.
Occulus drone
35 speed, 2.5 Max accel. No weapons. However, players can interact with a [OcculusCam] Sign to have their camera teleported to the occulus. (It will always be above the main drone combat and be ignored by other drones until enemy drones have no other targets.
Pike Drone
35 speed, 3.0 max accell. A ship similar to the arrow, but with a laser cannon instead of a pulse.
Gunslinger drone
30 Speed, 2.5 accell. A ship with 2 pulse cannons facing the same way. It would reside near the edge of drone battles, attacking drones that attempted to break ranks of the main battle.
Viper Drone
15 speed, 1 accell. A drone with a single heavy laser onboard.( Multiblock would need to be downsized on the drone.) This drone would act as a sort of sniper, attacking from nearly the max range of a HL away. To keep from being unbalanced, it’s explosion size would be reduced from 3.0 to 2.0. also, you can only have 3 per main ship.
10 speed, 1 accell. This drone packs a proton torpdo, at a 5 times reload speed. 3 per ship max. However, it would only attack other Ignorances and vipers. If there are none of those to attack, it would close in, slowly, on the main enemy ship. It would deal close to no damage but if ignored in a fight, that damage could add up. Thus it’s name. Ignorance may be your downfall.
StormBringer Drone
40 speed, 2.5 accel. This drone is pretty much an Arrow drone, but with one key feature. With enough of them, placed at strategic areas along an enemy ship, they would essentially form a mini blockade that slows the enemy ship by a factor of 0.75. Any storm bringers not a part of this skeleton would wait outside the area, replacing another StormBringer if it’s destroyed. The stormbringers won’t fire until they have all their drones in place to slow the enemy, as to make it a bit more balanced.
The drones here are only a taste of the possibilities they offer. If you win a battle, your drones will return and be deleted, earning you back 0.75 of the price it cost for them to be originally printed. If you lose a battle but your drones aren’t gone, they will simply power off when your ship dies. That’s all I guess


I like the idea of drones and this idea seems cool. Classes of drones would in theory make sense and work (I think)


The only hard part would be making the ai


There could be community contests to build the drones, or you could make them yourself


I am not fond of this idea. But, if it did happen, maybe damage would be based off the size so that ships had to actually carry them.