On the topic of previously mentioned bots


People suggested before something about a bot to respond to new player questions. I came up with a list of questions.

“How do I fly?”. The bot would give them the how to fly book, and tell them a basic rundown in chat.
“How do I fly(or unlock or get) bigger ships?”
Bot says you get bigger ship classes every 12 levels.
“How do I get money?” Bot will tell them about crating, voting and collector.
“How do I level up?”. Bot responds same as above
“How do I get a base”
Bot explains land claiming in a sentence or two.
“How do you get to the planet” bot explains /map and tells them to fly there
“How do I tell where I’m at” bot tells them about /map
“How do we go to other galaxies?(systems could be that word too. Noobs call them galaxies despite hem being one star and it kills me on the inside)” the bot gives a basic rundown of hyperdrives
How do you get (custom resource name)
Bot replies what planet they are found on and if you can find them in aestroids

The bot could be on discord and use the [I] through [XII] in their names as a signal to respond.
What do you think?


there’s already a mandatory interactive tutorial forcing new players to learn to fly, so it’d b just sad if they asked how to fly


Lsrge oof lel (post too short reeeeeeeeee)