Oblivion Trade Ships Open to Public


I have recently noticed people struggling with trade because they do not have access to any designs for trade ships. Especially newer players who are of low level because it is nearly impossible to find a trade shuttle or trade transport on the market.

In the interest of improving the well being of those who fit into that category. Or to those who would like to provide their members or friends with a ship that they can start trading with; I am opening up some designs I had laying around to the public domain.

Both the schematics for the Oblivion TS-1 Runner (shuttle) and TS-2 Orca (transport) can be found here.

You can load them onto the creative server by using empcraft.com/fawe. All you have to do is: upload the schematic to the website, copy the FAWE worldedit command it gives you (works best with chrome), and use the command in game.

I hope this helps someone out there,