Nuclear Reactor?


What if we had NUCLEAR REACTORS in the game?

They would be large structures, that took a lot of space but made lots of power quickly.
However, there’s a catch:
Not taking proper care of the reactors, or keeping them on for too long will lead to an explosion.
Explosions caused by nuclear reactors would be huge (big enough to destroy entire settlements) and would leave the air around the explosion toxic. This means that nobody can go near the explosion site for a while. However, over time the air will become clean again, allowing people to go in it.
So, reactors would be huge dangerous structures, that if not taken proper care of, could destroy entire settlements. However, they could be used by the settlement leaders, to generate enough power for the entire settlement.
If the leaders are responsible and manage how long they keep the reactor working, then it would really benefit the settlement!

Its location could also be strategic. The leaders, for example, could make it very far away from the city as to avoid an incident, however, this would make it difficult to plan out a path for the pipes to transport the power, and it would make it difficult to move between the reactor and the settlement. This can also make the reactor a vulnerable target.

Another option would be to place the reactor close to a settlement, which although it could lead to the destruction of the settlement, make transporting the power easier, accessing the reactor faster, and protects the reactor more than simply making it far away.

So, a reactor would have many advantages, while also having many disadvantages to keep it balanced.

To me, nuclear reactors would only be the first step. After that could come many nuclear machines, such as nuclear weapons? I might create a new post talking about nuclear weapons, but I would love to see the server enter a nuclear era!


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