NPCs for more uses


I have a idea, NPCs with multiple uses such as:
Flying small fighters
Driving small walkers (like AT-RTs I will suggest these later)
Be infantry
Serve as crew maybe to use heavy turrets at a station or base
and potentially:
Mine areas
Man a shuttle that is like public transportation
Defend a certain area against certain people or nations
Maybe more ideas


I thought about this… Boarding parties. They would need a ride but they would work through the ship taking out enemy NPCs and players. Also shuttle pilot which you can set to fly to a enemy ship and if there is a opening go towards that. They would be connected as you can’t get your boarding party there otherwise unless your ship was close to the other ship.


this might be a bit too complex;; but perhaps something like it could be done when (if micle ever does it) custom enemy mobs are added? also cosmetic NPCs like the ones at exator station would be cool ^^