NPC Pirates/Pirate raids


Ok so, I have noticed that the pirate group is much smaller than the anti pirate or colonist groups. This means that there are less pirates and more colonists on SL. So I propose we add NPC Pirates. These pirates are just like the pillager raids in 1.14, but they can fly ships and will attack players/ bases at random. If you successfully kill all the pirate raiders you gain loot. The loot can change from planet to planet, I.E quod’s pirates drop cheth while Titus pirates drop uranium and so on. This can add a new way of fighting and can also keep people interested in the fighting/warship field of the server. This can also add new trades among players, as people can collect pirate loot and trade it for other types of pirate loot.


If the antipirates so outnumber the pirates, it suggests that people don’t really like random attacks. Pirating is one thing, pirate players do get joy out of it and it benefits someone. But NPC pirate raids don’t do this, no attacker gains joy, and very few people enjoy being attacked. It’s a drag on almost everyone. Perhaps it should work more like actual 1.14 pillager raids; you have to perform a conscious action to cause one, and if you do, you know what you’re getting into.


Ok one, I suggested something like this with my npc’s suggestions, two, I like this idea and have a add on- you can find their mobile bases and raid them, stopping attacks for a area for a while, and if you beat them, you get a chance for whatever they used, with a possible rare item with a like a 2% drop rate.


Also these attacks would not attack level 7s or lower


Probably, or just really weak against anyone below level 7, with almost no loot either (basically like a blaster pistol for loot, but and they use a stone sword, with a few attacks from the blaster but probably not a good idea idk).