NPC Idea: Info Clerk NPC

I propose the idea of having an NPC in which you set up a “prefab” NPC name dialogue through commands like “/npcinfo set [npcname] [pagenumber] [message]” and “/npcinfo save [npcname]”
Then would be able to spawn the NPC; Either for a price, or exclusive to trade cities.

The command to spawn the info npc would be “/npcinfo load [npcname]” then if you accidentally misplaced it you could use a specific item to despawn them, or a command to remove the last spawned npc.

And yes I got the command syntax inspiration from how we currently have blueprints for ships because it’s very streamlined and easy to understand.

As far as usefulness for these NPCs, the creator of them would be able to put any info regarding their Trade City, such as points of interest, and recruitment info. Other applications for it besides in Trade Cities, would be for a recruitment center info clerk for a more interactive experience than signs for nation info, or just an NPC for a settlement.

While the usefulness could extend past Trade Cities, it’d probably be most useful for them.

I see them being useful in non-siegable stations. Sometimes players don’t know where to go sometimes. Totally like the idea, but please don’t limit them only to trade cities.

I could see the benefits of a tourist information desk at spaceports whether or not it’s at a trade city

Edit: Sorry for bump, just realized the thread’s age