Non-Starship Auto Turrets


I was gonna make a series of defense turrets on the way down a hole to my base, and found out it didn’t work.
I decided (and someone told me I should) put on the forums that we should have base auto-turrets. Now i would like to have it be auto heavies, as that would allow you to do damage to star ships while they try to get into your base. I think it could be a potential thing, if it would be hard otherwise, to make it that you program a turret (with the sign) to aim for a certain person or people in a certain nation with something like:
[(some name for the thing)]
(Target such as UNSC or Noix444)

I feel this would allow people to build settlements safer from pirates if they started to come (if they do that with actual settlements), or protect your valuables on a random base. The turrets could even be the same design, or a slightly more expensive (blockwise) turret.

I simply wanna do this to destroy enemies that come near my underground settlement base thing (once it is done).


Thanks for the warning, I’ll make sure to attack more strategically .,;,;,.


Auto turrets for bases have long been planned, it’ll probably be a while before they’re implemented though. It’s one thing I hope to get done for the summer.


Noix did you know they arent a thing yet