Noix's ban apeal


Alt Abuse?

I lost a ship on my alt and used my main account to retrieve it

when I get unbanned I will make sure I give the ship to Honza. I also said I was coming for the ship in public chat and none of the staff said it was illegal, so I assumed it was legal to do what I did.

Yes, I have learned not to use my main to reverse mistakes I made on my alt. Yes, I will change my actions.
I hope you consider shortening or removing the ban. Thanks, Noix


By the wording and promise of giving the ship to honza, it does seem like you did learn your lesson and why it was wrong, so I see no problem with shortening it to at least 1 day instead of a week.


Ban was shortened to a day, when a staff member who can lock the post (because me and brain arent mod enough i guess) the post will be locked lel.