Noix444's bean appeal 10/26/19

Why were you banned?

I was banned for 2 weeks for harassment

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

`I deserve to be unbanned because I have learned my lesson. I will cut back on the killing. I didn’t know that the limit was 3 kills per settlement, not person; Amar cleared this up for me. I have made a treaty with Timekeeper’s settlement, as his settlement was killed the most. The kill logs also appeared to be the same as creative and survival. Timekeeper has said that I haven’t crossed the line of harassment, however staff overrule that. I will deferentially act differently than before and well check with the player and staff ever so often to make sure I’m not overkilling people. Thanks for your time, Noix444.

While the reason here is stated pretty clearly, this is the second time you’ve been banned for harassment in less than a span of 30 days. Also, I feel as if the entire 3-kill rule has been stated before with you available to hear it. In addition, the end is in no way different than the one you provided in the last appeal except reworded differently and with a different group of victims, and clearly that wasn’t exactly followed if I am here typing this.

Not saying this is going to be rejected, nor accepted, but just some food for thought.

I have checked with players, usually only when I feel as if they’ve been killed a lot. I realize that my opinion is different than theirs, so I know know I should be checking with multiple staff now