Noise - Map - Radar - Stealth Mode - EMP - Electron Torpedo's - Beacon - Spotting


Lots of ideas in one. First of all players no longer show up on dynmap unless they shoot. Also
a Radar that detects large moving ships but when the radar is on it will show you on Radar. Next
A “stealth-mode” (not my own idea but works with other ideas) that makes you invisible to Radar and
Uses a costume uranium-cheth blend “uratherit” Both Radar and “Stealth-mode” Can be disabled
By EMP and Electron Torpedo’s , EMP’s will completely deplete your energy , higher tier EMP’s
will Need More Energy But will Have higher Range. Next proton torpedo’s will do mass amounts of Partical-shield damage and Disable Heavy Weapons PS: This Post May Change Over Time “TPMCOT”


Most of these ideas would either change the feeling and gameplay a bit too drastically, or would just be a bit too overpowered.