No such thing as a free lunch


Usually when you kill a player, there’s a pretty standard variety of the items they drop. Power armor, blaster of some type, maybe a few tools and scrap items, a quantity of steak which is less than 32

A quantity of steak less than 32? Interesting.
The majority of players (myself included) will rely on kits such as Starter to serve as the bulk of their weekly consumed food. Granted, aside from this, I also have the benefit of having acquired chests on chests full of combat food from hunting drops and haven’t dealt with a shortage in a long while. For something so frequently consumed, in fact, there seems to be very little in game shortage of food anywhere.
Surprisingly, in my time scouring base after base I can count on one hand the amount of cow farms I’ve seen. (That’s not even requiring that the farm is actively used!)
If there’s one constant for every player in minecraft, it’s food. Food is consumed constantly, and as long as we offer kits that have solid quantities of high value combat food, there will be a lack of demand to produce foods locally and engage in commercial transactions involving food.

If the amount of food available to players through kits is significantly nerfed (think 32 loaves of bread and some seeds instead of steaks) this will create an instant demand for the increased production of food from planets like arbusto, collis, etc to be sold to the mining specific planets and greatly increase the possibility (and necessity) of a farming based play style.

This could go hand in hand with farming machines (I.E. harvesters, planters, etc) to build a player based food economy. The narrative of Star Legacy is undeniably one of the colonization of Andromeda Sector 7b, and all colonization requires food production.


I agree. If the intention is to bolster inter player trading then staples such as armor, food, and weapons shouldn’t be so easy to get.


Why not just lower the starting amount to 16 steak? And I agree there should be more animal farm type places.


The intended audience of /kit starter users is noobs who don’t have a foothold or established food source. 16 steak isn’t going to feed you for long enough that you can reliably get yourself situated, but having 32 bread and some seeds should make that feasible. Other options include cutting off access to the /kit starter command after a certain rank tier


Or make a really long timer for it. I think it should include raw and baked potatoes instead of steak.


I agree that /kit starter has too much food. Heck, I rarely ever use it for anything, and I STILL have so much steak from it that I literally have stacks upon stacks of food lying around produced by my autofarm and I have never consumed even 1 bite of that food. Perhaps we should remove steak from /kit starter so that food that we grow ourselves actually matters, like the obscene amounts of untouched melons we could be eating.
Or, we could make the hunger bar go down a lot faster so that we consume food at a more logical and realistic rate, and suddenly we have an interesting challenge that might make gameplay in nations a bit more interesting.


I agree. /kit food should be tools to feed yourself, not food. Replace it with /kit fishing pole (give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for life), /kit farming (24 seed and a wooden hoe)

Don’t give out potato or carrots, those should be earned the old fashioned way.

Exporters should sell food for a really high price for emergency or truly desperate peeps.


Just realized I haven’t commented on this yet; Definitely going to do stuff with the food economy at some point, will remove food from the kits entirely most likely, except starter which will not be obtainable using commands. I’ll probably add some sort of vendor NPC for cities which sells food among other things.


excellent. Necessary food production would add so much value to player industry


If the Market Guild comes to fruition I wonder if:

  1. Do the mega producers sell their items for practically free? In an effort to share their fruits of labor?
  2. Would #1 offer an opportunistic player the chance to purchase all and re-offer for higher prices!
  3. Would batteries and gas canisters gain value in this player industry?



If the farming machines part of my suggestion I should implemented, perhaps a “harvester” multiblock and planter multiblock that work similarly to a drill could be added to ships that would encourage using batteries to recharge it on the go?