New Wiki & Update Status


Hello everyone! Most of this has already been discussed elsewhere, but I’ve decided that it is time for an official announcement.

New Wiki

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been working on the new wiki.

The new wiki is made using Markdown and Git, rather than the old wiki which used Enjin’s wiki module. The actual frontend you see on the wiki page is rendered with custom programmed software. The main advantages to this are not having to pay for Enjin and being able to easily make higher quality content. It’s a bit tougher for newcomers to contribute to, but learning to use these tools will help you beyond SL so we really recommend you contribute if you have time! Click here to learn more about contributing to the wiki!

Please bear with us as we port over the images and text of the old wiki pages, and eventually create new, more organized guides!


If you’ve been following the trade update status updates thread, you’ll know that the new trade update has made massive progress! (Incidentally, the code for the Advance/new rank system codebase is mostly done).


  • The current rank system and eco station system is being replaced
  • Trade Cities, in the form of settlements which are approved to be trade cities, will replace the eco stations. They are protected from explosions and PVP. However, they do cost a hefty tax to keep running. This is already functioning on the test server! :smiley:
  • Rather than rank tracks, we will have levels and SL XP. You level up using SL XP you get from trade missions and other things.
  • You get points back and converted to SL XP from the rank you have now, and you get buy keep your prefix as a tag.
  • Trade missions are randomly generated and take you all over the sector. You never go back and forth between the same places, rather, you go on randomized trade missions between different planets

Do check out the status updates thread if you want to see more detailed information about what’s to come and what progress has been made. This exciting release will likely be ready very soon!