New thruster mechanics


Ok so I think images speak for themselves :

Previous Thrusters for max speed, reasonable, you keep some % for armors, aesthetic and such, overall pretty balanced in my opinion, maybe a bit slow (compared to old thrusters) but blanced.

New thrusters and thats not even max speed, had to strip it off its whole armor and aesthetic elements.

I can already see your point that IRL light armored vehiculed would be faster and so balance more heavy vehicules/tanks but that doesnt work in SL since being fast only impacts your cruise speed wich means, no combat advantage.

What are your opinions? Personally I really hate that new system :slight_smile:


I honestly hate this too, I have never seen a starfighter, or starship ANYWHERE that had it’s literal entire back covered in thrusters, look at the damn Starfleet ships! Do they look like they’re slow, or sacrafice armor? THEY HAVE TRITANIUM PLATING! Get real micle


That wasn’t max speed before either, the original would’ve been super slow


Still, dont you think the second screen is a bit ridiculous?


It would be nice if engine looked like engines, closer to the first picture. The whole back of a ship having to be covered in engine blocks is a poor mechanic.

If the engine block was just an output block (Thruster) for engine power and inside the ship was a multi block (Engine Block) that supplied the engine with power through wires, that would be a lot better.

Thrusters …Output Range
Tier I. . . . . . . . . 1 - 10
Tier II . . . . . . . . 5 - 15
Tier III . . . . . . .10 - 20

Engine (Multi-Block) . . . . Power (generated)
Tier I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50
Tier II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Tier III . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100

A tier I Engine could fully power up to five tier I Thrusters, two tier I’s + two tier II’s, two tier III’s + 1 tier I
Increasing the output of thrusters would make better looking ships, while needed engines would restrict ship size and speed. Thruster output would have a ship mass devider, making larger ships require more engines and thrusters.

I have advocated Engines be added for a long time. Hopefully the need for esthetics and realism finally makes it happen.

Additiionally I think that maybe it would be good to get away from ships producing their own power and add a Power Core multi block. Which would be wired to Engines and Shields. If the Power Core was damaged the ship shields and engines would fail. Ships (large ones) could have multiple Power Cores.


Having to add yet another multiblock to ships isnt the solution in my opinion, I think some easier to understand thrusters would be good.
What I propose is that every type of thrusters as an exact purpose.
Redstone only gives acceleration and sea lantern only gives bps.
I don’t even think glowstone is needed but if we do keep it it should be a bit of both in a balanced manner and maybe only work on fighters/shuttles.
Make it class related and not mass related.
For example fighters would be 30, corvs 28, frigs 26, 24 , ect
Give everyone a fair chance by not making it such a pain to optimise, make it logic basically.


I see your point and think that would work too.

However, I always lean toward more difficult solutions because I think they keep my attention longer. The multi block for engines does not have to be huge, maybe only two for tier I, four blocks for tier II and six for tier III.

I like the idea of ships having an engine, which is actually more like a Power Core or a Power Converter if Power Cores were added too. And then having to wire them to Thrusters. It is the natural way that this requirement would limit speed based on the need to space wires and these internal parts. I add to this that the need for Carbyne is something I think should be thrown out the window as it is just a remnant of movecraft’s float block concept. IMO if it ain’t guts, its armor. So lets make SL ships more like what we envision actual scifi space ships to be, with their needs as we have seen them in Star Wars and Star Trek.