New spawn ideas


It’s well-known that our current spawn and tutorial is quite lacking indeed, causing (based on statistics) about 60-70% of players to not get so far as to pilot a ship. From there an even smaller portion sticks around, under 10% of all new players stay for any significant amount of time.

In addition to making an interactive tutorial, the spawn could be better. I was thinking perhaps there could be one spawn in every system, on planets. Additionally, they could have shuttles going between them so players could join their friends. But initially, they start at a random one.


Oh incidentally, new player retention went up to 15% at some point.


I think that when I first joined I tried reading the wiki but found it was not useful at all (not to complain) so the way I learned to play was through the forum and I still am clueless about how to make half the machines because the images are broken I think if the wiki were more updated like about the trade update and images a lot more people would join the server. I think you should add these images


That can’t be true, because the player retention has only gotten better since the new wiki was added.

Those images are for reference for contributors to use when they are fixing pages, if you want to fix it, see here


I think we should consider using forest’s idea of “starter settlements” as a decent set of new spawn points, which I’d argue would be best if there were one for each solar system. New players could spawn in these starter settlements, which would preferably be placed on 1 habitable planet in each solar system so that new players can spawn in any system, allowing for a more even distribution of new players which would help to make nations in solar systems beyond Sobrii a bit more vibrant.
Example: new player spawns in centrum and might consider joining sak republic, new player spawns in ignum and might consider joining Ekatera
We do have to find a way to get noobs out of the starter settlements though, or else they’ll stay there. Perhaps we could provide a monetary incentive for leaving, or make living conditions very poor so that they will want to leave.
Credit for this idea goes to forest, I’ve simply proposed his idea as a solution to this problem.


Devils advocate here. Isn’t the incentive for player to leave the over populated spawn area self apparent? Doesn’t natural migration of player to the farther reaches of space add to the experience? Which is supposed to be difficult and challenging. Or do you only want player that can only handle getting everything easily?

One spawn. You’re a newb, this is where you show up. Life is not to tough, you can buy weapons and ships pretty cheap and there are other newbs around doing the same. You get tired of the crowd and dealing with all this action, strike out and find a different place to settle.

My point is, easy is not better. Good players want a challenge. You want to make improvements, improve the content in the newb area. Improve the learning curve so that new players can integrate faster. Don’t just hand them a bus pass to any planet, that doesn’t make them better players or improve the experience.


You’re right. Perhaps instead we could make the village a tutorial. Give them the skills they need to survive and then kick them out once they can survive on their own, perhaps? It would prevent new players from being totally clueless that anything exists but wouldn’t give them a temporary free lunch.