New Role and Chat Channel

Helper role: Basically people designated as people who can help people with their questions. Not much but basically they are there to take that load off mods sometimes. Maybe able to help fix buildings to by being able to fly but idk.
Help chat: Basically a channel that people can ask questions in and ask for help. Can also be toggled on and off so people don’t have to see this channel or at least all the time. Also make it so that non-help related chat can be warned against

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i’m a guy who likes helping and i rly like this idea! i’m bored at times and wished i could help more people but well it’s not that simple! i think this is a good idea since it would divide the mods job and also waste their time less! i think mods should work for more complex stuff than just to be asked something at times since the mods have to know a lot more technicalities i feel like this would help the server since also at times people just tend to not answer to you…

The help chat could be nice if people use it, but considering Star Legacy’s current staff system there isn’t a need for helpers. There are plenty of people who are more than willing to help new players without needing a helper tag…

Yes but this distinguishes trustworthy helpers, and takes a load off mods, so they can moderate or play instead of having to help people all the time. Then one mod won’t have to deal with like 5 questions if they are the only mod on and there are several people asking for mods

The main thing moderators deal with, from a players point of view, is refunding ships and dealing with other issues that helpers wouldn’t have permissions to deal with. More, now than ever, players are able to answer questions in chat on behalf of staff. Your point that it “distinguishes trustworthy helpers” is irrelevant, as players don’t go around telling new players false information. In addition to all this, nearly every question takes one response, and that is “check the wiki.” Helpers, thus, have no real need on Starlegacy. Even further, a helper role would probably have been made already if there was a real need for the helper role.

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We should make a Discord and SL bot that if someone says “help” it provides a link to the wiki

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Oh yea, people never lie to new players… jk