New Power Module Suggestion - Pulse Emitter


The pulse emitter is like in that Star Wars episode “The Citadel” with those wall turret things. They would be hooked up with wires and activates when a player walks in front of them (At a maximum distance of say, 50 blocks). They shoot the same “projectile” as a blaster pistol, but rapid fire 3 shots per second. It would require 500 power from a power bank per shot, making it not possible to make a wall of these and keep it running.
They would look like this. Please take into consideration Micle!


To clarify, it can face ANY direction. It ONLY shoots straight and ends at 50 blocks.


I have another idea that is the same thing but uses a dispenser block instead. Any item placed inside the dispenser would be a “Pass” and causes the dispenser NOT to fire (If held), useful for bunkers and such.


Some sort of auto turret system is a good concept, but I don’t like this particular implementation.


It was just my suggestion, perhaps your design would be better. This was just a thought that popped into my head, I didn’t want to forget it.


(that means come up with other ideas for auto turrets)