New Power Generation


I’m suggesting the creation of a Thermacore Generator. Essentially a power generation multiblock that uses lava or other heat sources to create power. One part of the multiblock would have to be submerged below the surface of the lava (the larger the submerged piece, the more power it draws), which would be connected to an iron block on the surface, then a wire running up to a second part which process and stored the power to be used. Some planets are plentiful in coal or other power sources, but it would be cool to create this feature for use on planets with lava. Obviously some sort of cap would have to be placed on the generator’s capabilities but I’m just proposing the basic idea for it. Let me know what you think in the replies!


Sounds like a great idea!


Sounds sort of like geothermal irl and seems cool


Balance this with solar panels and I think you’d have a reasonable source of power