New player retention concept


Reading the figures micle posted in regards to new player retention and the correlation it has with nation membership led me to an idea.
An idea I had attempted to put to work but for various reasons (primarily delegating this to an inept and untrustworthy leader) was to create a sattelite settlement for recruitment. This would be where I send noob prospects to live and commune while SER ministers examine their propensity for value as a member. Anyone familiar with the NHL or MLB is aware of “farm teams” which are minor league teams that major league teams will send prospects to in order to decide if they are worth signing. For example, my Minnesota Wild hockey team will use the Iowa Wild (a minor league team) to judge the capability of prospects before signing them. My satellite Legionia fell through in part because of entrusting it to the wrong person and being apprehensive about inviting newbs.

Perhaps staff managed “starter settlements” where a newb can join and live for a short period to learn the ropes is a good way for successful and established nations to be willing to recruit unproven players while minimizing the risk of a dangerous investment. These would feature low tier housing and landing pads, small farms etc and have examples of machines and technology in use alongside links to the corresponding wiki page and an explanation of how these work. These starter settlements would effectively serve as an extended tutorial while doubling as a recruitment center for any interested nations. Granted they are not required to be a part of, and a player could choose the traditional learning methods of trial by fire.

As a nation leader, the biggest obstacles in the way of recruitment stem from wariness of the nature of a newb.
A zero risk “starter settlement” or three provides a pool through which established settlements can recruit people and not worry about the dangers of theft, trolling and general noobthottery.


I think this is something that should be peruses by individual nationals, not staff.


It’s definitely feasible and has potential to truly work. However, sometimes it’s better if newbs learn the hard way that they can’t get anything they want.


I agree, this seems more like a nation issue


What if you made a large recruiting vessel and locked it? Private rooms with locks and an Enderchest in a central room for everyone to keep their valuables. A ship factory to sell cheaper then spawn ships. A large empty room with “Build of the day” where each day you build a different multi block. Offer food, training and guidance.

The deal could be, the newb gets paid when he is recruited. The settlement that recruits him pays the facility, which takes a cut and passes the rest to the recruit. The operator’s job is to place the recruit. Failing to do so means caring for him for a longer time, thus increasing facility costs.

Recruits agree to run missions as instructed by the operator until they are recruited by a settlement or strike out on their own.

The facility could have turrets in case of attackers and area shields. Power could be supplied by resources or invested by contract from potential recruiting settlements.

The operator could have contracts with settlements to supply recruits with custom agreements, possibly even prepaid contracts. And require their aid in case attacked.