New Nethergrad Settlement


New Nethergrad is a small, new settlement on Orcus. It is backed by Luxivitas. The land in which it resides is rich in redstone ore and contains moderate veins of diamonds. As of now, the only structures that have been built in New Nethergrad are a temporary habitation unit as well as an incomplete factory (partially online). Members of New Nethergrad will get access to my spaceplot, if they don’t have one themselves.

Civilization on Cerus Beta came to a close after an unfriendly nation threatened to annihilate Qusmubia. Every single freighter and warship (just 1 of each, kek) was dispatched to get the h-e-doubleHockeySticks off of the planet. Orcus was a prime colonization target because of its supply of lava and relatively flat land. The colonists landed on a region of islands surrounded by lava and assembled a quick habitat. Originally, the base was backed by Cortesia Del Mar, but then left Cortesia and joined Luxivitas. Realizing that solar power could never sustain the electricity demand, the colonists became quite used to powering the base using generators.

-Abundant fuel for electrical power
-Backed by a neutral nation

For the first few days after you join this settlement, you will be ranked as a recent immigrant. This means you will not be allowed to use anything in the settlement until I give you the green light. Parking your ship and taking shelter in buildings is still permitted, however.

(Pictures coming soon)


I love the lore. You should create a mythology for the native people…

I guess I’m joking. Sounds like a nice place!


Shrek ate them. There, lore is done


We also have a language nudge nudge Nether I kept a copy of the dictionary