New custom pterodactyl custom mob/other custom mob suggestions

(1) In the new update there is going to be a new mob on one of the new planets (I forgot which one)
it’s a pterodactyl (that one flying dinosaur) and i’ve been “hired” to create the textures for it.
The pterodactyl is going to be a retextured phantom.

-The pterodactyl is going to be mostly black and red
-The pterodactyl will also be re-programmed to be passive (yes,it’s possible)

(2) It might also be possible to make velociraptors and other land dinos with the horses.

-Armour could be used to change to different dinosaurs.
-Foxes or ocelots could be re-textured into the smaller dinos.
-The bigger dinos (horses) could tame-able

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bad news-unless the update isn’t for another month or so,i’ll have to drop the project.
i’ll leave my progress here. (if someone wants to continue with it)
just give me partial credit


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No please don’t drop it! We need dinos

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Your services are no longer needed. Thank you for your time.

So did it turn out good?

What if you made them be like wolves, in that they attack you if you attack 1 of them.