New Advancement System Progress/Discussion


The last major thing that needs to be implemented for the update (other than balancing) is advancements. Since I’m redoing how they work internally in order to be less glitchy, it needs to be considered how they are structured.

The ranks go from 1-10. There’s a variety of types of power machines that you need to unlock to use. Some need to be accessible to newer players. Which machines should be unlockable at which levels? Or, perhaps it can be a detached tech tree, and levels mainly just unlock ships, plus other things in the future. This way it could be for example, use xp for power bank 1, now you can use xp for power bank 2, and so on.

Trade Update Progress/Discussion

Is there a way to use the Minecraft achievements menu? It could be a tree set up in there, where to go in certain directions you need certain things first (hyperdrive 1 before hyperdrive 2, etc)


that’s what we already do, it’s just super glitchy


Hm… kinda torn here.

On one hand I can see it being cool to have all techs available to get at certain ranks. Would make each rank important in some way.

On the other hand I also kind of like the idea of the different ranks unlocking ship classes and possibly just ship related tech (hyperdrives, drills, navcomps, weapons etc). And all the other more base oriented tech (generators, power banks, shields, maybe even pipes?) you could buy as you wanted with the SLXP, but progressively of course (gen 1 before gen 2).

I think I like the second one a little more to be honest. But really either is good.


yeah i’m gonna go with the second one


Have you ever considered adding a skill system to the multi block system instead of purchasing them as advancements?

All players begin with a skill of 5% in all multi-blocks. You build the multi-block and click the sign. If your skill check fails the blocks explode. Less damage for lower level advancements, more for higher level advancements (more dangerous tech).

As you gain XP you can spend it on individual advancements. For having gained the XP you rank up player levels, which unlocks ships and you spend the XP to become better at making multi-blocks in the advancements of your choosing.

Tier I Power Bank skill requires a roll > 100 - (Power Bank Skill): at first this would be 95% chance of failure. You spend XP on Power Bank Skill to bring your chance of failure down.
Tier II Power Bank skill requires roll > 150 - (power Bank Skill)
Tier III Power Bank skill requires roll > 200 - (power Bank Skill)
Teir II and III would automatically be unattainable for low level players as to have even a small chance of success you would need a Power Bank Skill of at least 51 to have only a 1% chance of success at a Tier II build attempt.

In this scenario Skill are more like Knowledge, and no one person would be perfect at all skills.

As a sidebar this would add greater interest in scavenging wrecked ships because they might have complete active machines that could be towed away and added to ships or sold to other players.

This could create specialists in certain fields, especially at lower levels.

The success % doesn’t have to start out at 100, nor do beginning skill levels need to start at 5%, You’d need to decide what you want them to start at? It could also be that a failure would give that player a small chance at gaining a free level. This could turn into a grinding possibility so it would need to be capped at maybe 5 levels and 1 per purchased level or something,

Maybe when player begin the game they choose a profession which gives them bonuses in certain skills.
Scientist: +20 Gravity Well, + 20 Navigation Computers, + 10 Hyperdrives
Ship Engineer: +20 Thrusters, +20 Entrances, +10 Particle Shields
Miner: +20 Drills, +20 Power Banks, +10 Power Generators
Civil Engineer: +20 Base Shields, +20 Elevators, +10 Area Shields
(lots more professions required, player suggestion would be good)

As an alternative if a player wishes they could opt to distribute 40 skill levels into any skills of their choosing up to 20 in any one. They would gain 10 less skills and be considered a Rogue.


Maybe there would be some way to crate multi-blocks so as to be able to sell them in the Market Guild? That would make it so that choosing a profession could make you credits!


wouldn’t that be really annoying since unless you had 100% you’d have a decent chance of it just exploding?

in general not a bad idea but sounds a bit complicated, something kind of like that might be better than money advancements


@MicleBrick Okay, maybe exploding is to much punishment for failure. Let’s try and balance the concept:

Newbs base knowledge skill 40% + 40 Everyman Skill levels to distribute between all skills (max 20 in any one)

Plus choose one:
(profession Title) +20 (KS (ie. Knowledge Skill)), +20 (KS), +10 (KS)
List of many professions…
Rogue +40 levels to distribute between all skills (max 20 in any one) (gets 10 less for flexibility)

Now even a first level character has at least a 40% chance in all skills and up to 80% in a couple, and that’s at first level.

Each level could add 5 skill levels or 10, depends on how fast you think peeps should become proficient in all skills. I don’t think 10 would be that bad considering that there are a ton of possible knowledge skills (currently advancements and some not now included like elevator and others which I propose should be).